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What wiper blade FAQ?

Date: 2014-06-27    Views: 54

Abnormal sound hanging brush: The car hanging brush wiper blade in the abnormal sound due to friction sound when the contact blade and the glass emitted when hanging a little brush abnormal sound is normal. But if the sound is relatively large in comparison after closing the window there is a loud sound, then hang the brush is not normal, under normal circumstances is caused by the following reasons. Automotive Glass accumulation of excess dirt: Car will accumulate in the course of oil and windshield wiper blades and a glass of friction is the residual material, this situation is mainly due to the owners of money to add a glass of water is not able to add special wiper fine or dirt on the windshield wiper water resulting in the delay in getting clean walls.
Strip quality problems: the wiper blade strip is generally from 75% to 80% natural rubber and 25% -20% of the additive after vulcanization molding, the molding strips must then pass through the chlorination Teflon coating from the surface. Chlorination treatment time is too long will affect the life of strip processing time is too short can cause abnormal noises when strips hanging brush.

Leakage scratch: boneless wiper scraping leakage phenomenon in use is a relatively common problem is mainly caused by the following reasons: Pressure vehicle wiper arm is too small: in the course of a vehicle wiper arm spring will rust slowly slow loss of elasticity, resulting in low pressure is too small, too small to cause a pressure leak scraping blade.
Two steel radian inconsistent: boneless wiper is composed of two steel welded together side by side, the two steel curvature deviation reaches a certain level will lead to leakage scratch.
Excessive curvature of the blade: steel arc of the General Assembly had led directly to the phenomenon of missing middle scraping blade section.
Wiper arm twist: the hook head and the wiper arm should be parallel to the windshield, if there is leakage bevel will lead to unilateral scrape, scrape down the drain clear up scratch or scrape scrape scrape down clear and up drain scratch.

Wiper remaining on the glass filaments and more: a strip appears filaments 1-2 is less than 0.5 mm in the normal hanging brush, but if too much is not normal, generally due to impurities strip over more chlorination long time, when there are impurities spraying Teflon surface coating resin content is too high.
Lack of clarity when wipers, fog slowly scattered: generally due to quality caused by the tape slitting, slitting machines and blades in the mass ratio of 20% in strips.
Life is not long: one wearing parts Wiper stage a car, but the auto industry but also the life of the wiper basic requirements, according to the standard is 5-6 months or 6,000 km with for once. Wiper wear resistance and corrosion resistance directly affects the life of the blade. Generally 4S stores will sell the wiper blade shelf two months

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