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Car Zhidongshiling

Date: 2014-06-27    Views: 54

Symptom: Car brake pedal travel is too large, the braking action is slow, and even loss of braking efficiency is very low, an increase braking distance.


1, brake oil pressure is insufficient. (Brake master cylinder in oil, brake pipe rupture, leaking pipe joints, oil blockage);

2, air in the brake system;

3, the brake pedal free travel or brake gap is too large, the brake shoe lining is bad, badly worn or oil;

4, the brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder piston and cylinder tube wear or strain, cups aging damage.


A continuously depresses the brake pedal, as the pedal gradually increased and elastic feeling, but for a pause time after the pedal is still low, that is, air in the brake system, brake system response time schedule gas.

2, foot brake not working, but the continuous brake pedal several times with good tread, brake pedal free travel is generally too large or the brake gap is too large. Pedal free travel should be adjusted, and then check the brake clearance, if necessary disintegration brake repair.

3, when the brake pedal, not weak unsinkable, but that poor braking effect, this phenomenon is the wheel brake failure, such as oil or brake shoe has a bad contact, friction aging, wear, worn brake drums uneven. Deal with the technical condition of the brake check, adjust and repair if necessary.

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