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Steering wheel shake

Date: 2014-06-27    Views: 54

Steering wheel shake, is the process of our daily driving one of the most common car problems, especially vehicles to 50,000 to 70,000 kilometers between the most prone to this phenomenon. Steering wheel shake, body resonance can lead to unsafe driving. Zhongsheng Toyota technical director of maintenance vehicles engaged in maintenance work for 17 years, specializes in auto mechanics repair package Chong Kai, specially we analyzed several common scenarios causing the steering wheel shake and provides approaches, I hope you can help.

Failure Performance: cars with speed in the 80-90 km between the steering wheel shake phenomenon occurs at speeds over 90 km is back to normal.

Analysis and processing: This occurs mostly due to tire deformation caused or vehicle transmission should be checked to locate each front wheel angle and toe meets the requirements, such as misalignment should be adjusted; put up the front axle wheels turn test, check the wheel static balance and whether the deformation of the tire is too large, such as deformation should be replaced.

Troubleshooting performance: driving on a flat road vehicles properly, but encountered potholes, steering wheel will appear jitter.

Analysis and processing: This is due to the car while driving, because Songkuang rod or ball joints wear sleeve off, and become irregular tire wear because, should be sent to professional maintenance check and replace damaged parts.

Failure Performance: Vehicle at 30-40 km per hour, the body has a shaking sensation, feeling like a boat.

Analysis and processing: This occurs when the majority is due to daily use due to the tire rub, hit or older and other causes deformation caused by the replacement of tires can be.

Troubleshooting performance: high speed when the brakes suddenly appeared steering wheel shake.

Analysis and processing: Brake excessive force, too frequent could cause brakes, brakes overheating, cold deformation, causing the steering wheel shake. Usually after replacing brakes, brake pads, symptoms can be resolved.

Failure Performance: Body resonance occurs at high speed.

Analysis and processing: a common cause of distortion because of the drive shaft or drive shaft connected Songkuang Cross, starvation rust. Since these parts are at the bottom of the body, most likely when maintenance is ignored, so every time to do maintenance, try to let the staff at the site can be marked with butter oil.

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